New Windows 8 video ad compares the Apple iPad with a Windows RT tablet


Windows RT vs iPad

Microsoft has done it again. The software giant has released another video comparing Apple’s popular iPad with Microsoft’s Windows RT operating system. This is the second video Microsoft has released that mimic’s Apple’s iPad commercials.

In the new video (the first one embedded below), you will see Microsoft comparing the iPad with the Asus VivoTab RT. Microsoft shows off that the Windows RT tablet is thinner, weighs less, comes with Microsoft Office 2013, Windows RT’s multitasking abilities via Snap mode, and built-in Micro SD card reader on the VivoTab RT.

Microsoft also points out that the Apple iPad requires a “special Apple printer” in order to print something, whereas the VivoTab RT can print almost anywhere. Take a look at the new video below. We’ve also embedded the first video below it, in case you missed it.