Microsoft discounts Xbox One bundles in the UK for a limited time

Sean Michael

Xbox One and game

Committing a console is hard enough but committing to the price of a console can be a cause for pause. In an attempt to compete with the lower priced Playstation 4, Microsoft unbundled the Kinect from the Xbox One last year. In addition to giving customers the option to purchase an Xbox One without the Kinect, Microsoft and various retailers have deals and bundles to entice customers to take the leap.

It’s bit confusing that companies would create deals that make the console itself more expensive than a console with a game included but multiple companies do so. The chart below contains a breakdown of some of the prices for various Xbox One deals throughout the UK. It’s by no means an exhaustive list but the bundle including Sunset Overdrive was just announced at Argos so it’s a good chance to take a look. It’s also worth noting that prices in the UK are often same number as prices in the US despite the countries having two different currencies and the pound currently being worth over one and a half times the dollar.

If you do grab the deal from Microsoft’s site for the Sunset Overdrive bundle, make sure to click the individual product. Currently, if you search for Xbox One, the price for the bundle in the list is wrong but is correct if you click the individual item.