AT&T jumps on the bandwagon, to carry Lumia 640 and 640XL in the US

Kip Kniskern

AT&T to carry Lumia 640 and 640XL in the US

Just last night, Microsoft announced their two latest Lumia phones, the 640 and 640XL.  Mobile carrier EE was first to announce they’d be carrying the new phones, and now AT&T has jumped on the bandwagon, and will carry both the Lumia 640, and will be the “first carrier in the US” to carry the larger 640XL.

Prices and availability have yet to be announced, but Microsoft has said that the phones would be available in April, at an announced retail price of between 139 Euros (about $156 US) and 219 Euros (about $245). Now the question for American Windows Phone users who are looking for a new phone, will these new mid-tier devices be worth a new contract, or should we wait a few more months for a the coming flagships?