Xbox news recap: Project Scorpio will have a “console price”, Gigantic releases, Halo 5 updates and more

Michael Cottuli

Welcome to our weekly Xbox news recap series, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Xbox. Let’s get started.

Project Scorpio will have a “console price”

There’s been a whole lot of speculation regarding Project Scorpio since it hit the E3 stage not too long ago. Nobody is quite sure what it’s going to be, or what it’s going to cost. All we know is that it’s going to be a fairly powerful machine in comparison to what’s currently available on consoles. Xbox boss Phil Spencer talked a bit this week about what he wants for Scorpio, and said that “I want Scorpio to be at a console price-point, I’m not trying to go and compete with a high-end rig.”

Gigantic releases on Xbox One and Windows 10

Gigangtic has been a game that’s sort of floated around for a while, without much exposure from anybody. A big part of this was due to its long run in closed beta, where the majority of people just never got a chance to play it. The game has finally launched its open beta on Xbox One and Windows 10, offering curious gamers a chance to finally see what the third-person MOBA is about. Featuring an interesting roster of characters and an interesting spin on the tried-and-true competitive genre, Gigantic is definitely worth trying.

Halo 5 releases Monitor’s Bounty, its newest content update

Well over a year since it released, Halo 5 is still getting new content on a fairly regular basis. The latest update to the game is called Monitor’s Bounty, and it brings to the game an extremely generous amount of tools for Halo 5 players to work with in Forge mode. Over 650 new objects have been brought into Forge, as well as the option to add in things like minigames. There are also some quality-of-life improvements for multiplayer, and the usual introduction of new armors and weapons for your REQ packs.

Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour releases on Xbox One

Beginning Hour, the demo for Resident Evil 7, got a lot of buzz a few months ago when it first released on PS4. What was originally a PS4 exclusive has finally come out on Xbox, offering Xbox gamers the chance to be completely terrified. This comes at around the same time that the Midnight Update for the demo launches on PS4, making it so people on both platforms have a reason to check out the demo for one last playthrough.

Microsoft hits 300 Backward Compatible games

Back when the Xbox One was first announced, nobody would have believed that Backward Compatibility would become the sort of huge Xbox talking point that it is today. Earlier this week, Xbox One released 3 new games to Backward Compatibility and managed to reach the milestone of 300 Backward Compatible games. This milestone means a whole lot to a ton of people, and makes Xbox an even stronger option for people going into the holiday season with the intention of buying a new console.

Movies & TV app getting support for 4K video

If you happen to have a 4K capable TV, the latest update to Movies & TV (also known as Films & TV in some regions) is going to be a welcome gift for the holidays. The new update adds the capability to play 4k content, and you’ll be able to buy 4K content in the store. Just go to a movie or TV show in the store, and – if it’s available – you’ll be able to buy it in 4K (UHD).

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