Xbox Gear Shop adds some Halo Infinite event merch

Brad Stephenson

Halo Infinite T-shirt at Xbox Gear Shop

Microsoft’s official Xbox Gear Shop updated this past week with a plethora of new merchandise inspired by Xbox’s Halo franchise.

The more noteworthy additions include two new shirts and a water bottle featuring designs based on Halo Infinite’s recent Fracture: Tenrai in-game events and numerous caps, mugs, and other items boasting the cute emblems that players can use in Halo Infinite to customise their items.

In addition to the above Halo Infinite content, the Xbox Gear Shop has also added official Halo World Championship (HCS) caps and T-shirts for those who enjoy the Halo esports.

Xbox Gear Shop updates on a very regular basis with both affordable and more premium products based on popular Xbox brands. Last month, Xbox Gear Shop added a number of Wasteland 3 items.

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