Final member of Fortnite’s The Seven finally comes to Fortnite

Brad Stephenson

The Seven's The Order from Fortnite video game on Windows PC and Xbox consoles.

It’s been a storyline literally years in the making but it looks like Fortnite’s The Seven arc, or at least its first phase, will be coming to a close very soon in either the current season, Chapter 3 Season 2, or in the next batch of main content in Chapter 3 Season 3.

Fortnite received an update today on Windows PC, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and all other supported platforms that finally added the second sister and the final member of The Seven, The Order, to the game’s files.

Judging by reliable leakers on Twitter, it looks like The Order (that’s her name) is going to be for sale as a bundle within the in-game store though there is also the possibility that The Order could be June’s Fortnite Crew outfit. Time will tell.

Once The Order is unlocked in-game, all of the mysterious group’s members will have been revealed in one form or another. Most players are assuming that whenever the final member of The Seven arrives, this will trigger the next major development in the current ongoing storyline which is currently portraying The Seven as heroes fighting The IO organization though has dropped hints via the Jonesy mini-quests that suggest The Seven could be up to something nefarious.

On a side note, it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume that there’s going to be some kind of reveal connecting The Order and The Imagined to The IO whose initials stand for Imagined Order. Maybe the two sisters have been the big bad all along?

Some information on The Paradigm, another mysterious member of The Seven, was also dropped in this update with a glider seemingly confirming what everyone already knew; That Singularity from Chapter 1 was indeed Paradigm, member of The Seven. The Paradigm is strongly hinted to return to the Battle Royale island by the end of this season with next season, Season 3, likely revolving around her.

In other Fortnite news, a bunch of Star Wars themed content is set to go live in the game over the next 24 hours in celebration of May The 4th. Some players are already spotting a Star Destroyer in the skies above the island while the return of lightsabers has been confirmed by leakers.

It’s unclear if any new Star Wars skins will be added this week though Darth Vader will likely come to Fortnite sometime during Season 3.

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