Xbox Free Play Days: Minecraft, Battlefield 2042 and more

Robert Collins

Xbox Free Play Days is here again with another round of games for subscribers of Xbox Game Pass Core and Ultimate tiers to try out free of additional charge. It’s a stacked lineup this week with four different games on offer. Let’s go ahead and check out the lineup for this week.

Battlefield™ 2042 Xbox One & Xbox Series X|S

Experience Battlefield 2042 – Season 6: Dark Creations and master the unknown in claustrophobic close-quarters battles. Between October 12-15, gather your squad and play free on the new map – Redacted, wield new weapons and gadgets, and unlock 100 tiers of Battle Pass content.—Xbox Wire.


In Autonauts you must build, create, and automate. Start by establishing a colony, crafting bots, and teaching them via scratch-style programming to build an ever-evolving autonomous paradise of agriculture, industry, and enlightenment.—Xbox Wire.

Akka Arrh

Akka Arrh combines the intrigue of an incredibly rare Atari arcade prototype with the unique creative vision of Jeff Minter to deliver a wave shooter that is insanely fun to play. Akka Arrh drips with Minter’s sense of humor, his love of psychedelic color and light, and his ability to flat-out create games that are a joy to play.—Xbox Wire.


Free Play Days For All (Game Pass Core or Game Pass Ultimate Not Required)

Minecraft is a game made up of blocks, creatures, and community. Blocks can be used to reshape the world or build fantastical creations. Creatures can be battled or befriended, depending on your playstyle. Experience epic adventures solo or with friends – there’s no wrong way to play (unless you’re digging straight down).—Xbox Wire.

Learn more about Xbox Free Play Days

Nearly each and every week, Xbox Free Play Days brings another round of games for members to try out. It’s a great way to discover something new and maybe even find a new favorite. You can learn more about the program over on the Xbox Free Play Days FAQ page.

Featured image via Xbox Wire.