Xbox Adaptive Controller to get keyboard and mouse remapping and other features

Robert Collins

Microsoft and Xbox have announced a suite of new accessibility features for the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

Perhaps most notable among them is the ability to remap controller buttons to keyboard and mouse. This will allow players to use the controller with games that only support mouse and keyboard input. This remapping feature also comes to the Elite Series 2. Remapping is done via the Xbox Accessories App on both console and PC.

An “Xbox Accessories” menu on-console displays different configuration settings that allow players to remap buttons for the Xbox Adaptive Controller and Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller.

A Game Accessibility Settings menu will be added to the Xbox Game Bar widgets for easier access to visual and audio-related accessibility controls on PC.

A menu on PC depicts the Game Accessibility Settings Menu for Xbox Widgets in Game Bar.

Additionally, there is a new Accessibility in Games channel on the Xbox Store featuring an array of filters that will help find the most accessible games easier than ever.

The ‘Accessibility in games’ channel is displayed on an Xbox console, with rows of small icons representing different games on Xbox that have Xbox Accessibility Feature Tags.

Microsoft also listed accessibility improvements for  several of its first party Xbox games like Forza Motorsport, Sea of Thieves and Age of Empires IV.

If you are interested in picking up the Xbox Adaptive Controller, you can find it right here.

Via Techradar

Featured image via PCMag.