Microsoft OneDrive now integrated with Azure Virtual Desktop RemoteApps

Devesh Beri


Microsoft has revealed the integration of Microsoft OneDrive with Azure Virtual Desktop RemoteApps, allowing users to access and synchronize their files while using RemoteApps.

RemoteApp is a virtual application technology that allows users to run Windows-based applications on any device, including Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile devices.

With this new support, OneDrive can be used alongside RemoteApps in Azure Virtual Desktop, which is a virtualization service that enables remote access to Windows applications and desktops.

Azure Virtual Desktop RemoteApps is a feature of Azure Virtual Desktop that allows you to stream individual applications to users rather than an entire desktop environment. It can improve performance, as users only need to stream the applications they are using rather than an entire desktop.

Previously, OneDrive was limited to use with Azure Virtual Desktop non-persistent desktops and was not supported on RemoteApps. However, the new integration now enables OneDrive to work seamlessly with RemoteApps.

When a user connects to a RemoteApp, OneDrive can automatically launch as a companion to the RemoteApp session. This means that users can access and synchronize their files stored in OneDrive while using RemoteApps. The experience is similar to using OneDrive on a personal device.

It’s important to note that this OneDrive support for Azure Virtual Desktop RemoteApps is currently only available with Windows 11. This implies that users who wish to utilize this feature need to be using Windows 11 on their Azure Virtual Desktops.

This integration can be especially beneficial for organizations that use Azure Virtual Desktop for remote work and need seamless access to their files stored in OneDrive.