Xbox 360 gets a 500GB hard drive option, pre-orders to commence soon

Hammad Saleem

Xbox 360

There’s some good news for those who are holding off upgrading, continuing with their good old Xbox 360. Microsoft has introduced a new 500GB hard drive option for the Xbox 360 console, which comes with a $109.99 price tag. 

The hard drive is not available for purchase at the moment, but the product page lists that pre-orders will commence very soon. This should give storage hungry users a sigh of relief since they can get additional space for a decent price tag. 

What’s more surprising is that the 500GB storage option is listed at a cheaper price than the already available 320GB hard drive — it’s priced at $129.99. There’s no word about the availability of the hard drive for the UK or any other market, but we’ll update as soon as anything comes up. 

For the Xbox One, Microsoft has already announced the Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare bundle, which comes with 1TB of storage on board, not available on any other model.