Tweetium adds a plethora of improvements and fixes to its beta Windows Phone client


Tweetium adds a plethora of improvements and fixes to its beta Windows Phone client

Tweetium, the massively popular third party Twitter client for Windows Phone and Windows 8 has provided several new fixes to its beta app on the Windows Phone Store. The update fixes the touch keyboard interactions, as well as resolves an operating system bug which was preventing the keyboard from appearing sometimes.

Bumping the version number to Beta build 242, the updates are bringing a plethora of bug fixes, including the ones that were causing navigation issues. While you shouldn’t expect to see many new features, rest assured that there are lots of things going on at the back end.

Here’s the complete changelog.

  • Fix a crash when navigating to profile views
  • Fix a case where the back button stops working
  • Another significant chunk of performance + memory usage work
  • Hide the app bar when opening Settings
  • Add iconic mode for pinned user navbar entries
  • Improved touch keyboard interactions
  • Finally found a workaround for OS bug preventing the keyboard from appearing sometimes
  • Improved share target UI
  • Memory management overhaul to reduce memory usage
  • Should improve the experience on 512MB phones, and increase quick resume frequency everywhere
  • Improved the GDR1 bug workaround so that the startup delay can be shorter
  • Delay is now 1s on known fast phones, 5s on others
  • Fixed layout bug in username completions in share target UI (phone)
  • Fixed some image sizing and layout regressions from build 235
  • Various performance improvements

For those who are unfamiiar, Tweetium is one of the best Twitter clients you can have on your Windows 8 and Windows Phone-powered devices. You can take the app out for a spin by paying $2.99.