Wordament sequel Snap Attack to release this week for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1


Wordament sequel Snap Attack to release this week for Windows phone and Windows 8.1

Microsoft is releasing it’s ridiculously addictive puzzle game called “Snap Attack”, a sequel to Wordament, this Tuesday for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1. It’s free, similar to scrabble, where players are given seven letters which can be used over and over to create words under a two and half minute session. 

Jason Cahill and John Thornton created this game at their home in their spare time. This game was so good that Microsoft bought it and moved these guys into the entertainment group. Wordament was also the first Xbox Live enabled game available on Android and iOS and it has around 1 million active players.

Seattle Times has managed to reveal the details about Snap Attack which was previously believed to be launched at E3 2014. Microsoft is also planning to release it for iOS and Android this summer, even though the game is ready to go – a strategic move we’d say. Here is what the Seattle Times had to say about the game:

“At the end of each round players are shown words they could have created and how their score ranks on a global leaderboard. Then it starts all over again, with a new game board each time. Compared with “Wordament,” “Snap Attack” is a bit more complicated, and it may take a few rounds to get the hang of it. But there’s potentially a much bigger audience, Cahill said, since there are more Scrabble players than Boggle players in the world.”

Snap Attack is launching Tuesday on the Windows Store for Windows Phone and Windows 8.1.