Nokia Lumia 520 repels bullet, saves a Brazilian police officer’s life


Nokia Lumia 520 saves a policeman's life after repelling a bullet

This will probably get rid of any doubts of Nokia Lumia 520’s durability. This budgeted phone in Nokia’s line-up actually saved a policeman’s life in Brazil. 

According to a Globo, off-duty 24 year old Brazilian military police officer was heading towards his parents place, in broad daylight, to get his uniform washed. As soon he entered his house, he saw that his parents were held hostage by 2 criminals. After spotting the police uniform in his hand, they started shooting at him. They reportedly shot two rounds before the police officer started ducking and running. The first shot missed but the second one hit him in his buttocks. Luckily, his Nokia Lumia 520 was in his back pocket, which took the bullet. 

After taking the bullet, the phone was completely destroyed but it didn’t let the bullet pass through it, saving the officer. The criminals fled the scene after taking a lot of valuables including cell phones, watches, jewelry, and money. They were not found even after the Sao Paulo State Military Police pursued them. Of course the story doesn’t have a happy ending considering the fact that the valuables were still lost and they got away but at-least the officer was unharmed, thanks to his phone.