Windows Subsystem for Android update on Windows 11: 3 key improvements unveiled

Devesh Beri

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A fresh update has been released for Windows Insiders, focusing on the Windows Subsystem for Android in Windows 11. This update, numbered 2307.40000.5.0, introduces various improvements to refine the experience of running Android apps on Windows devices.

  1. Platform Stability Improvements: This likely refers to enhancements to the overall performance, reliability, and compatibility of the Windows Subsystem for Android. These improvements can lead to a smoother and more stable experience running Android apps on Windows 11.
  2. Chromium WebView Update: The update includes an update to the Chromium WebView component, bringing it to version 115. The WebView is a component of the Android system that enables apps to show web content within the app. This update likely improves web rendering, security, and compatibility with modern web standards.
  3. Android 13 Security Updates: This indicates that the Windows Subsystem for Android has received security updates related to Android 13. Security updates are crucial to protect against potential vulnerabilities and ensure the system’s and user data’s safety.

Here is the information on the last update.

Overall, this update’s main objective seems to improve the stability, performance, and protection of the Windows Subsystem for Android on Windows 11. Users can expect a better experience when using Android apps on their Windows devices. Windows Insiders can access and test these improvements firsthand and contribute to this feature’s development and refinement.