Windows Store analytics API gives devs quick access to their app stats



Microsoft has announced today that Windows Store app developers can now easily access stats pertaining to their app via a new analytics API. Developers can pull data on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis and configure the API to only retreive app information during the date range specified. This is a great way for app developers to see app stats and reviews without having to log into the Windows Dev Center.

Today Dev Center released the Windows Store analytics API, which provides analytics information for your Windows Store apps without requiring logging into Dev Center. Using a REST API you can retrieve the same information you see in Dev Center for app and in-app purchase acquisitions, ratings and reviews, as well as app health.  This new API provides quick access to reports without the time required to log into Dev Center, chose specific reports, and then download them. This can be especially useful if you would like to provide quick app information to marketing or finance, or run advanced analysis of data using your own tools (Excel, Power BI, etc.).

Head over here to see how to get started. With this API, you can see your app acquisitions, IAP acquisitions, ratings, reviews, and app health. Really cool stuff!