Windows Phone 7.8 Beta ROM leaked for HTC HD7


We all know that Microsoft plans on releasing a Windows Phone 7.8 update for those who have Windows Phone 7.5 handsets. The update will feature a new Start Screen experience for those who have smartphones that are unable to upgrade to Windows Phone 8.

Now, a new report from Windows Phone Hacker, is reporting that a ROM has leaked for the HTC HD7 which brings Windows Phone 7.8 Beta for all to use. At the moment, the ROM only works on the HTC HD7 but support for other devices is being worked on. The ROM was dumped from a Nokia device and is “almost untouched” with a few customizations. No word on what is broken since a thorough test was not conducted. The operating system build number is 7.10.8835.35. Head over to the source link if you are interested in checking this out.