Asus Windows 8 tablets to be priced high, starting from $599

Zac Bowden

A recent leak has revealed pricing details for the new Windows 8 Asus tablets coming later this year. Everybody knows that Windows 8 is going to receive mixed reviews, so pricing hardware high isn’t an option. That still hasn’t stopped Asus though, as their basic tablet starts at $599.

Asus will be releasing 3 Windows 8 tablets later this year, one being the ASUS Viva Tab RT, the ASUS Vivo Tab and the ASUS Taichi. Unfortunately, these tablets aren’t cheap, with the RT tablet starting at $599. The Vivo Tab is $799 and the Taichi is a whopping $1299. If Microsoft is planning to launch Surface RT at a mere $399, then the game is basically over for Asus.

Of course, Asus could change it’s pricing plans before the tablet launches, we don’t even know if this leak is real. Since it is a rumour, take it with a grain of salt.