Windows Maps available for Xbox One Preview consoles only for now

Laurent Giret

Xbox One

If you’re a lucky member of the Xbox One Preview program, it looks like you have now a new UWP app to play with. Windows Central is reporting that the Windows Maps app is now available on the gaming console, just a few days after Microsoft released the new Groove Music UWP app with background audio for Xbox Preview members.

According to the report, the app puts the Xbox One controller to good use as you can use the left joystick to move around the maps, the right joystick to control rotation and the A, B and Y buttons to select, go back and search, respectively. The app will also display tabs at the top of the screen if you do additional searches.

The Windows Maps UWP app running on the Xbox One (credit: Windows Central).
The Windows Maps UWP app running on the Xbox One (credit: Windows Central).

Maps is also connected to your Microsoft account and will sync your favorite locations from your other Windows 10 devices. While you may wonder if there are many use cases for the Windows Maps app on the gaming console, it already proves the versatility of Microsoft’s UWP platform: remember, this app is can run on Windows 10 PCs, phones, the Xbox One, the Surface Hub and the HoloLens mixed-reality headset.

The Windows Maps is ubiquitous.
The Windows Maps is already ubiquitous.

It’s still early days for UWP apps on the Xbox One, and we guess that Microsoft is figuring out which of its own apps really make sense on the gaming console. However, the company is already committed to allow any developer to release their app on the gaming console, and we can’t wait to see if UWP apps on the Xbox One could one day become of the console’s “killer app”. Let us know in the comments if you would use the Windows Maps app on your Xbox One and what are the third-party apps you can’t wait to see on your big screen.