Pokemon Go on Windows Phone may have been short-lived, PoGo UWP no longer works due to API changes

Kit McDonald

After thousands of signatures demanding the popular Pokemon Go app to be released on Windows Mobile phones, it seemed like the PoGo UWP app would sate their thirst. Unfortunately, after only a brief time the PoGo UWP app has been rendered useless by the change of Niantic’s Pokemon Go encryption.

The third-party application was created as a result of the official app not being released originally on Windows phones at all. It was a harsh moment for users realizing that they couldn’t play the game once more. That doesn’t mean that the developers of the Windows Phone app are rolling over. Developers “Kaankehh” have released a public statement on their GitHub page:

Hey guys, Like you already know the PoGo app doesn’t work. The reason for that is that Niantic updated their server. The update ruined the API, the requests are now cryptographically signed. The latest update was forced so the app could read it.

Does this mean that it is over? No, the makers of the API are looking in to this, it is not sure if they can fix it.

What do you say? Is it over in your opinion? Sadly, yes. I dont think that the API creators will be able to decrypt it and if they will be able to get it to work, Niantic will probably add more encryptions. This is probably one of the I don’t know how many encryption they will add.

We have to wait till the API creators have more news, I will keep you updated.

Niantic hasn’t had anything to say about the encryption change, but it can be expected that a new uprising will crop up. Fans of the Pokemon catching game continue to add their names to the growing petitions even now. However, there is a silver lining for those wanting an official release. Microsoft Portugal’s Facebook page posted that  Pokemon Go will be coming to Windows phones ‘soon’, but we’ll have to take that for what it is.

We’ll keep an eye out to catch the latest Pokemon Go/PoGo UWP news. Gotta catch ’em all!