Windows Intune 2.0 Beta available for download


Reports were indicating a few days ago that Microsoft would be revealing a beta version of its updated Windows Intune PC Management service, just in time for the Worldwide Partner Conference. Today, at the Conference, a beta was officially announced.

In case you were wondering what Intune is all about, it is Microsoft’s cloud service that provides IT professionals with PC management and security for $11 dollars per seat per month. Windows Intune used to be called System Center Online Desktop Manager and has evolved into a management tool and online management/security service.

Intune 2.0 will support the ability to deploy third-party applications and updates to all managed PCs. Administrators can now upload and track Microsoft Retail and OEM licenses and third party-license agreements in addition to Microsoft Volume License agreements. The new update also makes it easy to view or create reports on hardware data, such as manufacturer, chassis type, available disk space, installed memory, and CPU speed.

“Administrators can deploy most Microsoft and third-party updates or software applications to PCs virtually anywhere, without the need for a server infrastructure or physically touching each PC to install the software or update,” Microsoft said regarding the upcoming release of Intune 2.0

You can sign up for the beta here. Those using the beta can only use it up to 10 PCs and until 30 days after the update is commercially available. It cannot be migrated to the commercial release.