Firefox 6 and 7 Due by end of 2011


Not that long ago, Mozilla launched the new Firefox 5 browser. With the release came the bad news that Firefox 4 would be retired. This upset a lot of people. Now, reports are indicating that Firefox 6 and Firefox 7 will be released before the year ends.

browser wars

Just recently, one of Mozilla’s core employees went on record to say that the company was not concerned with enterprise customers and will likely never be. This comes after businesses are complaining that Mozilla is pushing out new versions of its Firefox browser too quickly. Microsoft on the other hand, jumped out of the bushes and declared that the company still loves enterprise customers.

Firefox 5 was released right after Mozilla announced a new rapid release plan. Now, general users may like a rapid release schedule, but corporate users hate it. John Walicki, a corporate IT analyst, criticized Mozilla’s decision to kill support for Firefox 4 due to the release of Firefox 5, considering that Firefox 4 was released only 4 months prior to the release of Firefox 5. Mozilla is following in Google’s footsteps by releasing a new browser every three months.

Firefox 6 is expected around August of this year and is expected to bring better control over permissions, faster start-up times, faster performance in Linux, better plugin management, and HTML5 support. Firefox 6 looks promising, so don’t get too used to Firefox 5!

Firefox 7, on the other hand, is expected to fix the age old memory leak problem that we all face. The new browser will have better control over the memory it uses and will automatically de-fragment its memory to reduce the browser’s consumption.

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