Windows Insider Dev Channel build 23516 faces taskbar issue

Pranav Bhardwaj

windows 11 taskbar feature

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In the latest developments from the Windows Insider Program, users who have upgraded to Dev Channel Build 23516 have reported encountering an issue related to the taskbar. The bug appears to cause the taskbar to go missing upon system boot. The Windows Insider Team has promptly addressed this concern and is actively investigating the matter.

The issue has shown a certain level of inconsistency, affecting some users while leaving others unaffected. Many have not experienced this problem, while a portion of users reports the taskbar going missing on specific device reboots but not on others.

The Windows Insider Team has provided several potential workarounds for users who are facing this issue while they work to identify a permanent solution:

  • Idle Wait: Some users have found success by allowing their computers to remain idle for approximately 5 to 6 minutes after booting. During this time, an audible notification sound is heard, signaling the return of the taskbar.
  • Reboot: While not a guaranteed solution, a simple device reboot has proven effective for some users.
  • Roll Back to Prior Build (23511): Users facing persistent taskbar issues may opt to revert to the previous Dev Channel build (23511). This can be accomplished by following a series of steps, including utilizing the Windows Recovery Environment:
    1. At the Windows 11 sign-in screen, hold down the Shift key.
    2. While holding down Shift Key, click on the “Power” icon on the screen and then select Restart.
    3. Your system will be restarted. After the restart, select Troubleshoot.
    4. Now navigate to Advanced options > Uninstall updates and select Uninstall latest feature update
    5. Next, select Uninstall feature update option to begin the uninstallation.

The Windows Insider Team is currently addressing the bug. The team encourages affected users to share their feedback and insights through the Feedback Hub or engage in discussions within relevant threads. 

Via: Neowin