Windows Copilot upcoming features unearthed in latest leak

Priya Walia

windows 11 copilot

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Xeno, a renowned Windows enthusiast, recently lifted the veil on a wave of new capabilities that are expected to roll out in the future update of Windows Copilot. These fresh additions are reported to be underpinned by several newly introduced 1st party plugins.

Below are the details of the additions:

Accessibility Tools:

Windows 11’s accessibility features will soon be available through Windows Copilot. This integration ensures that users with different abilities can easily navigate the system, enhancing their user experience significantly.

Clock Service:

With the clock service feature, users will be able to set up timers, reminders, and alarms with ease. This step towards further simplifying users’ interaction with time management tools can be a potent boon, especially for users juggling various tasks simultaneously.


The new troubleshooter feature is designed to solve common PC issues through Windows Copilot. This indicates Microsoft’s attempt to optimize user experience by allowing them to troubleshoot without outside intervention.

Task Manager Service:

While this potential feature is not confirmed, it could offer the ability to kill and launch services. If this becomes a reality, it could mark a significant step forward in giving users more control over their system’s background processes.

Launch applications:

Windows Copilot may soon allow users to launch installed applications. This could save time and improve users’ ease of access to their favorite apps.
These exciting developments come within a dynamic period for Microsoft.

In June, the technology giant rolled out the preview of Copilot to Windows Insiders in the Dev Channel. Recently, the company announced the expansion of Windows Copilot to Windows 11 Insiders in the Beta Channel. However, not all Insiders in the Beta Channel have access to the new feature, as the rollout has just begun.

Moreover, Windows insiders in the Beta Channel managed by Azure AD ( Entra ID) are set to experience Windows Copilot in the future. This expansion signifies Microsoft’s steady advances in disseminating Windows Copilot to larger audiences.

Besides that, if you are wondering how to enable Copilot for Microsoft 365, we have you covered.

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