Windows’ Clippy officially comes to Microsoft’s Halo Infinite video game

Brad Stephenson

Clippy in Halo Infinite video game on Xbox and Windows PC

Halo Infinite’s second season of content went live today on Xbox One and Xbox Series X console families and Windows PCs and, in addition to all of the expected new content, came something unexpected, Clippy.

That’s right. The annoying (loveable?) virtual assistant from Windows’ early days has been added as a cosmetic to the recently-launched video game, Halo Infinite, and players can now add the little guy to their gun as a charm or as an emblem on their armor.

Players have already started sharing photos of Clippy in their game on social media. Here’s one pic of Clippy as an emblem in Halo Infinite shared by Twitter user Von Hoffstot. Pretty wild.

Clippy in Halo Infinite
Clippy in Halo Infinite

Unfortunately, Clippy still hasn’t been added as a fully functional AI in Halo Infinite though, if fan response is positive, 343 and Microsoft might give fans what they want.

The whole thing is rather ironic as the Cortana AI from the Halo games made the jump to Windows PCs, Windows phones, and other smart devices several years ago as the (pretty doomed) Windows virtual assistant of the same name. Microsoft’s properties have now become a circle (insert obvious halo pun here.)

Curiously, there was actually a campaign to bring Clippy to another Microsoft-owned game, Killer Instinct, a few years back though it unfortunately didn’t lead anywhere.

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