Windows Bridge for iOS gets Accelerate framework from Intel

Dave W. Shanahan

Windows Bridge for IOS

The Windows Bridge for iOS project just got a kickstart from Intel. Intel wants to give developers the best experience possible by providing support for key iOS developer frameworks, including Objective-C code bases, that can take the code and reuse it on Intel-powered Windows 10 devices. In a blog post, Microsoft details the specific code needed to use Windows Bridge for iOS using Intel’s Accelerate framework.

The first Intel contribution to Windows Bridge for iOS is the Accelerate framework. The Accelerate framework contains Objective-C APIs for vector and matrix mathematics, DSP, and image processing. The Objective-C APIs are needed for applications requiring scientific computing, including audio and image filters. Microsoft has already provided support for BLAS, vDSP, and vImage APIs.

If you are looking to set up a sample app using Windows Bridge for iOS to test out Intel’s Accelerate framework, you will need two things:

For a more detailed look at the Windows Bridge for iOS project, be sure to take a look at the project’s GitHub page for additional resources, including a list of known issues, BLAS APIs, Accelerometer APIs, Gyroscope APIs, and more. Microsoft and Intel will continue to work together to bring iOS developers more tools and resources to make it easier to bring their existing Objective-C code projects to run on Windows 10.