Elements of “Handoff” -like feature spotted in Windows 10 build 14328

Arif Bacchus

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Last month at Build 2016, Microsoft publicly discussed a new app handoff plan for Windows 10 which would allow Windows 10 apps to connect to other devices through Bluetooth and the cloud in order to “continue experiences.” This week, though, Reddit user akaZaitt has found at least some of that handoff like feature hidden in the menus in Build 14328.

HandOff like feature (Photo from akaZaitt on Reddit)
Handoff like feature (Image credit: akaZaitt on Reddit)

As posted on Reddit, and as seen above, the handoff like option appears to be under the general change privacy options in the settings menu of Build 14328.  The option can either be turned on or off and appears to let apps on other devices launch apps and continue experiences on your main device over Bluetooth.

The feature, though, is not yet fully implemented, but Microsoft has been regularly releasing new Builds to insiders ahead of this summer’s Windows 10 Anniversary Update. This could possibly mean that insiders might be able to fully test the feature soon.

It still is not exactly clear how the handoff feature will work, but Microsoft has said that the plans for handoff will not be limited to Windows. This means that with the possible help from Cortana, data from the iOS and Android platforms will also be able to share data with Windows 10 PC’s.