Windows 8.1 ‘GA Rollup A’ update will finalize the Windows 8.1 code, comes with fixes


Windows 8.1 box shot

Windows 8.1 is set to roll out to current Windows 8 users on October 17th, with general availability on October 18th. However, did you know that the operating system update isn’t necessarily finished yet even though it has already hit RTM (Release To Manufacturing)?

Even though Windows 8.1 has reached RTM and is nearing its general availability, Microsoft will also be releasing a “GA Rollup A” update upon the release of the operating system. Call it an update for the update, if you will. This update will finalize the Windows 8.1 code, since technically Windows 8.1 isn’t finished yet even though it hit RTM.

The update weighs in at 200MB for the x64 version and 100MB for the x86 and ARM versions. Although the update provides little to no noticeable changes, the update actually addresses bugs and various components throughout the operating system.

As we reported before, some apps, such as Internet Explorer 11, will feature a new app bar at the bottom. This is similar to the “three dots” you see on Windows Phone 8, providing you with more options when you click or tap on it. Other apps such as Mail and Calendar are also featuring the app bar.

This GA Rollup A, or Quick Fix Engineering (QFE), will be available via Windows Update. Our guess is that this update will make its appearance on the day of Windows 8.1’s release, maybe a little bit after.

We’ll keep you posted on this update as details come in.