Windows 8.1 edges closer to RTM, build 9461 recently compiled

Zac Bowden

WinJS Data

With the Windows 8.1 Preview out and about now, all eyes are on the Windows team as they edge closer to compiling the final RTM build of Windows 8.1 for release later this year. A recent rumor claimed that Windows 8.1 had already RTM’d at 9500, but that rumor was quickly proven false by many sources and people who are familiar with the development of Windows 8.1.

Microsoft recently compiled build 9461 on July 15, which means the company are continuing to work on the OS at a fast pace. As the Windows 8.1 Preview is pretty much feature complete, builds compiled between 9431 and RTM will mostly be bug fixes with the odd new feature being implemented. There won’t be any significant changes to the UI, which means Microsoft can get the RTM out as quickly as possible.

For those who are interested, the full build string is 9461.0.winmain.130715.1732

Microsoft are expected to compile the RTM within the next few weeks for release to OEM’s at the end of August. Recent rumors have claimed that Microsoft have plans to release the Windows 8.1 RTM to the Windows Store shortly after RTM, which means there will be little time between RTM and the public getting their hands on the final code.

Via: Neowin Forums. See Source link below for the official source of the build number.