Windows 8 is disruptive the second you turn it on, claims PC support firm


We have all read the reviews on Windows 8. Many people hate it and many people love it, for various reasons. A PC support firm based in Pennsylvania by the name of PC Helps recently begun to migrate a 7,000 employee company to Windows 8 and had some interesting things to say about the operating system.

PC Helps believes that upgrading to Windows 8 is full of pitfalls but it is still possible as long as you plan and manage it properly. “Windows 8 is disruptive the second you turn it on. With earlier migrations, such as Windows XP to Windows 7, you could roll it out and do the training later. But if you don’t do the training before you roll out [Windows 8], you’ll get a big negative reaction,” the company stated. PC Helps also believes that desktop migrations for those who are familiar with traditional PCs will be tougher due to the Modern (Metro) interface. The company recommends that we select “influencers” who are a group of people in every department who know more about Windows and computers compared to everyone else. These people can be put in the pilot group for migration and help make the transition easier. “Windows 8’s desktop is really a very Windows 7-looking interface. People complain about not knowing how to shut down the PC. But IT can actually create a shortcut for shutting down, and pin it to the Start screen and the [desktop’s] taskbar,” the company stated. PC Helps believes that Windows 8 isn’t the most disruptive operating system move in history. In fact, the move from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95 was worse.