Microsoft patents an advanced multi-touch stylus called “ePen”


According to a new report, Microsoft recently patented a new multi-touch stylus called “ePen” which gives it a powerful touch and advanced sensors built into the tablet/smartphone accessory. These sensors give the stylus new functionality that allows for more than just tapping and writing.

Based on the patent, which Microsoft recently was granted approval from the US Patent and Trademark Office, the ePen comes with touch sensors, as well as a gyroscope, compass, accelerometers, and other sensors. The ePen can even let you adjust the ink colors based on how you angle the pen and even turn it into an eraser by using a certain grip. Obviously, this pen would appeal to those who design, but this multi-touch pen also has potential as a game controller, a music instrument, or a cool stylus for your Windows 8 tablet. Microsoft filed the patent application back in 2011 and we have no idea if this ePen would ever come to fruition, but if it did, would you be interested in it?