Windows 10 Your Phone app now supports pen input with phone screen

Jonny Caldwell

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Many owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and a Windows 10 PC might have been enjoying some of the new capabilities that it brings to the your phone app—namely screen mirroring. When the feature launched with the Note 10, it gave users to full access to their phones via keyboard and mouse or touch input.

If that wasn’t enough, Windows Insiders should now be able to test support for the pen input from their tablet devices straight onto their phones. The addition of pen support also brings full pressure sensitivity, allowing those to write and draw on apps that support it, such as the Microsoft’s own OneNote, with a much larger canvas.

Microsoft’s Your Phone capabilities have grown a fair amount in recent months. The app has gained support for wallpaper syncing, battery indicator, phone calls, and replying to notifications.

Just as with its other new features, Microsoft has pushed pen support for Windows Insiders first to gain feedback and sort out issues before it becomes generally available to all users with supported devices.

Do you see yourself using the new pen input capabilities in Your Phone? What other features would you like to see?