OneDrive for Business is getting new Request Files and Save for Later features

Jonny Caldwell

Microsoft has brought new capabilities into OneDrive this month. These new features make it easier for users of the service on a business Office 365 plan to access the files they need.

First off, Microsoft has made it easier for users to save a file to be quickly accessed with the new “Save for later” link on the menu bar on the left. After the file has been saved, users can access a chronological list of the files that they can quickly jump back to.


In addition to making it easier to quickly access files, the company is also bringing a new way to collect them from others. The new “Request Files” feature allows users to create a link to allow others to upload files—even those without OneDrive accounts. Uploaders will only be allowed to submit files, so they won’t be able to access, edit, or delete them.

Request files.gif

Additionally, Microsoft has also introduced support for email localization in OneDrive, allowing recipients to read them in their preferred language as set in their AAD and Exchange settings. For multi-recipient emails, the built-in logic capabilities will use the content and site languages to localize them.

How do you see yourself using the new capabilities in OneDrive for Business? Do you want these features in consumer OneDrive? Feel free to leave a comment down below.