Windows 10 Redstone: 1,200 changes between build 11099 and build 11102


Microsoft recently released Windows 10 Redstone build 11102 to participants of the Windows Insider Program. On the surface, it seemed like the only new thing Microsoft added to the build was a history menu in Microsoft Edge, the company’s latest internet browser. This prompted comments like, “that’s it??”

According to a tweet by Gabe Aul, the man running the Windows Insider program, Windows 10 Redstone build 11102 features over 1,200 changes from the previous Insider Preview build of 11099. So how people aren’t seeing these changes? That’s because most of these updates are not visible.

The changes are being made to OneCore, the core that is shared across devices (mobile, tablet, desktop, Xbox, etc). Aul also mentions in a tweet that most of the work with optimizing OneCore has been completed, and Microsoft is currently working on platform changes. In other words, as Zac mentioned in a recent article, don’t expect any big user experience changes in the next few Windows 10 Redstone builds.

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