Windows 10 Mobile release delayed until February, says internal Microsoft email

Mark Coppock

Well, we just posted a story about Microsoft potentially delaying the Lumia 650’s announcement, and now it appears that Windows 10 Mobile’s rollout to current Windows Phone handsets are indeed being delayed as well (as we reported earlier). According to VentureBeat, Microsoft has sent an email to its partners, presumably carriers and possible OEMs working on Windows 10 Mobile devices, confirming the delay.

According to the email, which uses a lot of buzzy language to convey the message “not ready yet,” both the service update and legacy handset upgrade will now occur in early to mid February. Microsoft will not be rushed; the situation currently appears to be quite fluid, and this software is only going to hit devices when it’s deemed fully ready.

Firmware updates for the Lumia 950 and 950 XL, typically issued on a monthly basis, are also being delayed. As Venturebeat indicates, however, delays in product launches coinciding with delays in Windows 10 Mobile could mean that most or all Lumia devices will end up on the same, up-to-date build of Microsoft’s mobile OS.

These are tumultuous times for Microsoft, likely the culmination of doing so much in such a short period of time. It’s looking like 2016 will continue with more of the same, and we’ll try out best to keep up.