Windows 10 news recap: New build, updates and 75 million installs

Zac Bowden


Another week of Windows 10 news has bypassed us with the blink of an eye. This week kicked off with news of torrent trackers banning Windows 10 users due to privacy concerns. The controversy regarding Windows 10 and privacy originates from Microsoft’s Services Agreement, which was recently updated to allow the company to download software updates and configuration changes that may prevent people from playing counterfeit games. The agreement does not go into specifics — which is likely why this paranoia came to be. The agreement does not even explicitly include Windows 10, rather it includes your Microsoft Account, Xbox Live, and Windows Store content.
Microsoft announced this week that Windows 10 had reached 75 million installs worldwide, which means Windows 10 is one of the fastest growing operating systems in history. From a combination of both official and non-official reports, we’ve seen Windows 10 hit 14 million installs by July 31st, 25 million installs by August 7th, and 50 million installs by August 14th. These stats rightfully create buzz among fans and the media but for the most part these have been unofficial reports. Now, Microsoft has revealed nine official stats about Windows 10. All of these were tweeted by Yusef Mehdi and have been compiled in a Windows blog post. They aren’t all ground breaking but here are a few notable highlights other than 75 million downloads.
Also this week, Microsoft released a new Windows Insider build for fast ringed insiders, which introduced improvements to right-click context menu’s and the ability to share feedback with social networks. That’s all for the major new additions, but there are undoubtedly new under-the-hood fixes thrown in too. Let us know in the comments section below whether you will be installing this new build and what you think of the progress being made on Windows 10 so far. You can check for updates via WU now to download the build if you haven’t already.
Finally, Microsoft pushed out three new updates for the Windows 10 RTM this week, fixing a number of issues users have been experiencing since Windows 10 launched. As of right now, it is unclear what the updates entail, as there is changelog accompanying them. The cumulative updates read, KB3081449, KB3081452, and KB3081448. Without specific call outs or detailed change logs, it seems safe to assume these updates are probably bug fixes in nature.Windows 10 is arguably considered to be in rough development for some. Check almost any forum or comment section and the pages of complaints, missing features or borked functionality seem limitless. However, the Windows team seems poised to respond quickly to growing complaints and demands as they have issued several updates addressing specific issues as well tailoring fixes for others.
That’s all this week, what was your favorite story? Let us know below.