Windows 10 Mobile news recap: Cityman, Talkman, build 10534, and more


When it comes to Windows 10 Mobile news, this past week was all about Cityman and Talkman — the two new mobile flagships for the company. Official renders of the Cityman and Talkman were leaked onto the internet this past week, receiving a mixed reactions from the community due to the design. You can check out the renders here.
A new rumor appeared this past week suggesting that the new Cityman and Talkman phones (may possibly be known as the Lumia 940/950 and Lumia 940 XL/950XL respectively) will arrive on AT&T and T-Mobile first. AT&T is rumored to begin selling both devices around November 1st, with T-Mobile to follow shortly thereafter. No word if Verizon or Sprint will receive these devices.
There is also another rumor that suggests these two phones will be launched October 19th at an event in New York. At the same event, Microsoft is rumored to launch a new Surface as well as a new Microsoft Band.
Microsoft rolled out an update to the Photos app this past week, removing the hated hamburger menu in Windows 10 Mobile in favor of the top navigation bar, similar to how the navigation works in Windows Phone 8.1. Some Insiders will be pleased with this update, as some aren’t fans of the hamburger menu. The update also adds the ability to set a photo as a live tile from the ellipsis menu.
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In early July, the Skype team announced that later this summer they would be previewing the new Universal Skype experience built into Windows 10’s Messaging, Phone and Video apps. Leaked images showcase the new Universal Skype experience running on what appears to be a Windows 10 Mobile build 10512. You can check that out here.
Possible images of Windows 10 Mobile build 10534 have leaked onto the internet, which is currently likely in internal testing by Microsoft. The screenshots show off new developer options and improved network and SIM settings.You can take a look at the leaked images here.
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