Windows 10 Mobile news recap: New icons, Night Light on mobile and more

Michael Cottuli

Welcome back to our weekly Windows 10 Mobile news recap series, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s mobile operating system. Let’s get started.

Windows 10 Mobile gets a new share icon with build 15031

Iconography is always overlooked as we go about our business on an OS, but it’s being constantly looked over by developers. With build 15031, Microsoft made it clear that they aren’t happy with the current Share icon that occurs throughout the Windows 10 Mobile UI. The icon was replaced with something else in the new Insider build – an icon portraying a box with an arrow coming out of it.

New icons show up in Outlook Mobile

Speaking of icons, we have some new icons in Outlook Mobile. Previously, the mail app was pretty bare – when you were scrolling through your mail, you would see a bunch of text, and not much else. While Microsoft didn’t do much to pretty up that experience, they’ve added contact icons so you can get some visual feedback in your inbox while you’re scrolling through it.

Night Light not coming to Mobile yet, but it remains possible

The Night Light feature has been pretty popular recently in the operating systems that have adopted it. With so many people passing out in front of their monitors these days, having a feature that sucks out some of that blue light and makes it easier to sleep is pretty useful. Dona Sarker talked a bit about how the feature isn’t ready to hit Windows 10 Mobile yet, and how they need to get a bit more data before going forward on that effort.

Some Windows Phone 8.1 users locked out after factory reset

This isn’t strictly Windows 10 Mobile, but it’s a huge issue – and it affects a good 77% of all Windows Phone users, if we’re to believe AdDuplex’s numbers. On Windows Phone 8.1, users are reporting being totally unable to log into their Microsoft accounts after trying a factory reset on their phone. This problem effectively removes most of your device’s functionality, making it unable to update or download new apps from the Microsoft Store. We’re hoping that this is resolves as soon as possible.

HP Elite x3 gets a new barcode reader peripheral

If you have an HP Elite x3 as your Windows 10 Mobile device of choice, you should know that HP is coming out with the Mobile Retail Solution. This peripheral, along with being a nifty new case to protect your phone from the occasional fall, lets you scan barcodes directly from your phone. The peripheral is meant to increase the viability of running a retail business from your phone, and it ought to be invaluable to users looking to embrace that entrepreneurial spirit.

Thanks for joining us. If you want all of the news as it happens, keep an eye on our Windows 10 Mobile tag.