Windows 10 Mobile Insiders won't get build 10240 due to 'blocking bug'

Kareem Anderson

Image Credit: Winbeta
With most of Windows 10 out of the door, the Windows team has now been tasked with getting its mobile counterpart up to speed. Even though Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile essentially run the same OS, the Windows team seems to be running into smartphone specific issues that are delaying the parity process. Windows 10 Mobile Insiders have been patiently waiting for a newer, less buggy version of Window 10 Mobile for a few weeks and many were hoping this week would deliver that experience.
However, Gabe Aul, the new Vice President of WDG Engineering Systems team used his Twitter account to update Windows 10 Mobile Insiders that there is a problem with mobile build 10240. According to Gabe, there is ‘blocking bug’ that is preventing the team from releasing that particular build to Insiders. As a point of reference, the PC version of Windows 10 uses an updated version of build 10240 as the RTM client landing on desktops today.

A few days ago, the Windows team mentioned that the Windows 10 Mobile development is ‘feature complete’ leaving many to speculate that mobile Insiders could reasonably expect to use the next build as a daily driver. While it doesn’t appear that mobile Insiders will be receiving a build today or possibly this week, Gabe mentions that newer builds have a fix for the ‘blocking bug’. Perhaps, the next build will coincide with the return of Windows 10 Insider builds.
This latest update from the Windows team highlights the difficulty that accompanies mobile OS development and the careful planning that is going into Windows 10 Mobile as a mobile platform.