Audible updated for Windows 10, now a Universal Windows Platform app

Kareem Anderson

Image Credit: Winbeta

For fans of audio books and the Audible app, in particular, the Windows versions have been a less than stellar experience. iOS and Android users have been receiving feature updates, bug fixes, and visual upgrades routinely while Windows users were typically stuck using antiquated apps and web wrappers when it comes to Audible’s audio book offerings. The Audible development team was not deaf to users comments, complaints, and suggestions. On mobile, Audible began testing out a Beta version of its app for Windows Phone 8.1 earlier this year.

During the Windows 10 development stage, the Audible team also pulled their app from the Windows Store but gave no timeframe to users as to when or if the app would return. With only a beta app on mobile and no PC or tablet version for Windows users, the situation was not looking very hot.

Well, it looks like Audible took its time away from the Windows Store to retool its app for Windows 10. Audible’s Windows 10 app is an excellent example of the Universal Windows app platform. The new app comes with a complete redesign that spans PC, tablet and smartphone as well improved library management. Windows 8.1 users will also note improvements to navigation, access to controls, as well as an integrated shopping experience. Previous versions of the Audible app would kick Windows users out to browser based web wrapper to search, wishlist, and purchase items.

The new app is available in the Windows Store and can be downloaded to PC, tablets and smartphones now.