Windows 10 Mobile build 10559 currently in the internal fast ring


Microsoft’s big Windows 10 event is rapidly approaching — October 6th in New York City — and we’ll be there live at the event getting our hands on whatever Microsoft unveils. We’re expecting the Surface Pro 4, the Microsoft Band 2, and new Windows 10 Mobile flagship devices.
Currently, Microsoft is testing Windows 10 Mobile build 10559 in the internal fast ring (you can read about the rings here). As long as this build does not have any last minute show-stopper bugs, we can expect this build to roll out sometime after the October 6th event. If Microsoft is kind, they may roll it out on the 6th, some time after the event is over. However, don’t be surprised if a last minute bug causes a delay.
One thing is for sure, Windows Insider head honcho Gabe Aul will not be at the October 6th event, rather he will be busy in Redmond. “Unfortunately I’ll miss out on NYC, have some work to do that will keep me in Redmond this time,” Aul states on Twitter. Will he be busy working on releasing the next Windows 10 Mobile build? Hmm. October 6th can’t come soon enough.