This Polish company is selling a cheap Microsoft Surface clone

Staff Writer

KrugerMatz Edge 1161

Microsoft now has the likes of Apple and Google looking to elbow in on the Surface Pro tablet market with competing devices. However, you really know you’ve made it when cheap knock-off clones of your products come to market and a Polish company called Kruger&Matz have done just that for the Surface tablet. Sure, there have been other clones of the Microsoft tablet but this device, called the Edge 1161, looks uncannily like a Surface Pro 3; albeit a chunkier, cheaper looking one with less impressive specs.

At least the device does come preloaded with Windows 10. As you can see from the video above, the device has a kickstand and the keyboard works exactly like the Surface tablet. It also features an 11.6″ IPS screen, Intel Core M Processor, 4 GB Ram and a 64GB hard drive. There is an even cheaper device available called the Edge 1160 which has lower specs compared to its bigger brother.
With the Surface Pro 4 expected to be announced next Tuesday, Microsoft should once again be ahead of the chasing pack. If you’d like to check out more images of this Surface clone, take a look here.