Windows 10 Insiders are seeing an Edge app recommendation “ad” when trying to install Chrome or Firefox

Arif Bacchus

Edge Ads

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox might be at the top of the browser thrones, but Microsoft has recently taken some big steps to push their Edge browser into the conversation. We’ve seen Edge recommendations pop up on certain Microsoft websites, and even a recommendation message when changing the default browser in Windows 10 settings. Some may have found those annoying, but the firm is now taking things a bit further. Spotted by Windows Central, Windows 10 Insiders are now seeing an Edge “ad” when trying to install Chrome or Firefox.

At the center of the new saga is a new “app recommendation” feature that is turned on by default under “Apps & Features” in the latest Windows 10 October 2018 Update (Redstone 5) Insider build. It was quietly added by Microsoft and will trigger a pop-up “ad” message when trying to install Chrome, Firefox, or other third party browsers on Windows 10. The pop-up itself is a bit intrusive, but it does provide a link for turning the messages off via “turn off app recommendations” in settings.

The annoying pop-up

Seen above, the message in this pop-up “ad” is straightforward. Microsoft wants you to know that Edge is the faster, safer browser, designed for Windows. This pop-up won’t stop you from installing your third-party browser, as it gives you the change to “Install Anyway,” but it also gives you the option of opening Edge instead.

The fact that his app recommendation feature is default might be irritating for some users, as they’ve long already decided they don’t want anything to do with the Windows 10 default browser. This is definitely Microsoft trying to get users to Edge, but let us be reminded that Google already bothers you to switch to Chrome whenever you visit one of their entities using Edge or other browsers.