Battlefield 1 Premium Pass is currently free on Xbox One consoles

Laurent Giret

Since EA has delayed the release of Battlefield V to November 20, now is a pretty good time to revisit the WW1-themed Battlefield 1. Indeed, the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass including all of the game’s DLC is now free on Xbox One through September 18.

The game’s Premium Pass ($49.99 value) includes new multiplayer maps, unlockable weapons, new armies, new vehicles plus four themed digital expansion packs. In case you don’t already own the game, Battlefield 1 is currently available for $6% (85% off) on the Xbox Store for a limited time.

EA offering the Battlefield 1 Premium Pass seems coherent with the publisher’s content strategy for Battlefield V. Unlike its predecessor, the new shooter set in the WW2 period won’t have a paid premium pass, which means that all players will have access to the same content. This should help keeping the community engaged after the game’s release, and Battlefield V may need that to compete with all the blockbuster games coming this holiday season.

Battlefield™ 1 Premium Pass
Battlefield™ 1 Premium Pass