Windows 10 edges closer to 50% share of Steam gamers

Mark Coppock

Microsoft’s Windows 10 has made slow but steady gains in the market since it was officially released last year. It’s not going to hit a billion users as soon as Microsoft hoped, but nevertheless, it’s a major operating system at more than 400 million users.

Gamers are also big on Windows, as its tie-in with Xbox One gaming and its generally good performance are attractive to gamers of all kinds. Steam gamers are no different, and its inching up on being the OS of choice for fully half of all Steam gamers.


Specifically, between the 64-bit version at 48.37% and the 32-bit version at 1.23%, Windows 10 is on 49.6% of Steam users’ desktops. Only Windows 7 64-bit also made gains this month, rising to 28.82%.

If we had to guess, we’d estimate that Windows 10 will cross the 50% barrier by the end of 2016. As 2017 is ushered in, Microsoft’s premier OS will reign supreme among at least this segment of hardcore gamers, and we’ll have to see when the OS crosses the 500 million user mark in general.