Here’s what Microsoft accomplished at yesterday’s annual shareholder’s meeting

Kareem Anderson

Yesterday, Microsoft and its shareholders did a pat on the back of sorts during the company’s annual shareholder meeting in Bellvue, Washington.

Aside from the congratulatory rhetoric surrounding Microsoft’s stock price which as reached a decade-long high, several company executives discussed key points of opportunity for future success as well as addressing concerns from holders regarding how Microsoft is handling current markets.

In a post-shareholder meeting wrap up, John Seethoff, Microsoft’s vice president, deputy general counsel and corporate secretary provides a bullet point list of the sessions activities.

  • Re-elected all 11 directors to serve until the next annual meeting of shareholders. All director nominees received a vote of 99 percent of votes cast.
  • Approved, on a nonbinding advisory basis, the fiscal year 2016 compensation of the company’s named executive officers. The advisory measure received 96 percent of votes cast.
  • Ratified the selection of Deloitte & Touche LLP as the company’s independent auditor for fiscal year 2017, with a vote of almost 99 percent of votes cast.
  • Approved an amendment to Microsoft’s Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation lowering the threshold for shareholders calling a special meeting from 25 to 15 percent of shares, with a vote of 99 percent of votes cast.
  • Approved a French Sub Plan under the 2001 Stock Plan, with a vote of 97 percent of votes cast.
  • Rejected a shareholder proposal to make amendments to the current Proxy Access for Director Nominations bylaw; the proposal received approximately 26 percent of votes cast.

Other highlights from Microsoft’s annual shareholder meeting include company CEO Satya Nadella speaking about continued efforts to empower users while Anne Taylor, senior supportability program manager demonstrated new assistive technologies being built into Windows 10.

Microsoft’s 2016 was a relatively successful one as the company rounds the bend on its heavily crafted transition. Microsoft also managed to make positive headlines with its hardware and software solutions and based on its schedules and plans for the future, it looks like 2017 could be just as fulfilling for Microsoft as well.