Windows 10 Build 10551 screenshots leaked, shows an improved Microsoft Edge browser

Hammad Saleem

It’s been a while since Microsoft released a new Windows 10 build for the Insiders. Last week, a speculation hinted that Microsoft may drop a build by week’s end, but it didn’t happen. But, it seems we may get to see a new build soon. Recently, some screenshots of Windows 10 build 10551 made their way onto the internet, revealing some new features which will be introduced in Edge browser with the upcoming build.
Windows 10 BUild 10551
As seen in the leaked screenshots, one of the first new features to make its way to the Edge browser is synchronization of bookmarks and reading lists. The feature is already present in Google Chrome. It’s turned off by default at the moment, but if it works, users will be able to synchronize their bookmarks across multiple devices with a few simple clicks — it remains to be seen what content will be synchronized when the build is rolled out.
The second feature makes use of the middle mouse button, which opens up a new window when you open the Edge browser from the taskbar, or the Start Menu. There’s said to be a few enhancements and bug fixes on board as well to improve the overall stability and security of the browser.
These are some much needed features, along with Tab Previews. Introduction of these features will definitely improve the overall functionality of the browser, and may give it a chance to stack up against the likes of Google Chrome and Firefox.
There’s no word if we’ll get to see a new build any time soon, but there’s a possibility that we may get to see a new build in the coming days. Previously, the build 10550 didn’t appear to be a very big update, but the build 10551 may be an interesting one especially after these few Microsoft Edge browser enhancements.
Stay tuned to WinBeta, we’ll get back to you as soon as we get any other information about the upcoming builds.