Age of Empires Castle Siege picks up a major update with new features and enhancements

Hammad Saleem

Age of Empires: Castle Siege on Windows 10

Age of Empires: Castle Siege doesn’t require any introduction. It’s one of the most popular strategy games available, and if you’re a fan of the game, you be glad to find out it has received a major update, which brings several new features and enhancements to the game, including an improved Alliance system, as well as the ability to set Alliance type to be a “request to join” so leaders can decide whether to accept new players or not.
It’s not just the new features, there are loads of bug fixes accompanying the update as well. Here’s the complete change log for the latest update:

Alliance System

  • Added Announcement tab in the Alliance Chat. Only Lords and Emperors can create an Announcement.

Request to Join  

  • Emperors and Lords can now set the Alliance type to be a “Request to Join”, and manage join requests in the Announcement tab by accepting or declining.


  • You can now customize your Replay message before sharing a Replay.  Honor Items – National Flags and some special flags have been added to the Honor items, which can be purchased from the Market.

Crown System

  • Adjusted newly generated Crown amount from 5 to 2.
  • Added maximum Crown cap to prevent players from losing excessive amounts of Crowns in a single battle.
  • Changed the way we compare attacker and defender crowns to be more accurate across a greater spectrum of crown totals.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed “Unable to transfer your gold. Reload your Empire” error.
  • Fixed a bug where Charles Martel’s Taunt ability sometimes did not affect Calvary type units.
  • Archers and Longbowmen have been taught better to no longer attack the wall/gate when told to attack the buildings over the wall/gate.
  • Alliance Chat no longer jumps to the top when the Alliance member donates a troop.
  • Fixed a bug where Cathedrals at level 6 would not give stone when damaged/destroyed.
  • Donated troops icon no longer appears in battle if you did not train them back.
  • General improvements to usability, stability, crashes and connection errors.

Head over to the Windows Phone Store using the link below to grab the updated game. Let us know if you’ve already updated the app.