WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8 gets a minor update, fixes some bugs


WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8 gets a minor update, fixes some bugs

WhatsApp, who just revealed today that they have over 400 million monthly active users, has rolled out an update to the app for Windows Phone 8. On the heels of a big update that rolled out just recently, this update is simply minor and fixes some bugs.

“Today, we’re proud to announce that because of you, WhatsApp has reached a milestone that no other mobile messaging service has achieved: 400 million monthly active users, with 100 million active users added in the last four months alone. This isn’t a count of people who just registered for WhatsApp – it’s the number of people who are actively using the service every single month,” WhatsApp stated on their official website.

WhatsApp, of course, is available on various platforms – but one of the key platforms is Windows Phone. In this new app update, which bumps the version number to 2.11.344.0, we are treated to bug fixes. No details were given as to what bugs were squashed.

In the previous update, we were treated to the ability to send pre-recorded videos as well as the ability to send multiple images at once. You are also able to save received videos and even migrate the WhatsApp account to a new phone number. The previous update also allowed you to change your mobile number as well as migrate your account information, groups, and settings too. Other features included the ability to save and share a video, along with attaching up to ten images into a message.

Hit the download link below to snag the updated app. Let us know if you notice any new improvements!