Project Siena beta lets you create your own Windows 8 apps


Project Siena beta lets you create your own Windows 8 apps

Creating apps has taken over from creating websites — everyone likes the idea of having an app of their own. If this describes you, but you don’t fancy the idea of writing hundreds of lines of code, the new beta tools codenamed ‘Project Siena’ could be just what you’ve been waiting for.

While the app description implies that Project Siena is a tool for businesses (it is a new technology for “business experts, business analysts, consultants and other app imagineers”) to create Windows 8 app, but it is really a tool for creating any app that could be considered data-driven.

This is a very visual app creation tool. Interface elements can be simply dropped into place and then you can set about the task of linking to the data you want to use. The apps you create are based on HTML5 and JavaScript, and while they can be started and finished in Project Siena there is also scope for tinkering with them using other tools if you feel so inclined.

The Project Siena website claims that it’s possible to create an app in mere minutes, and there are a series of samples apps and tutorials to help you get started.

The Windows Store listing stresses the ease of use and versatility of the tool:

  • Conceptualize, validate and build your app ideas as easily as editing a document
  • Connect to corporate and web data
  • Compose rich interactive visuals to create custom, unique apps
  • Add business logic and intelligence using the power of Excel-like expressions
  • Use the app yourself, share with colleagues or with the world

Try it out and see what you think!