Volvo updates its On Call app, now a universal Windows app

Jonny Caldwell

Volvo has updated its On Call app for Windows devices. The new app is a universal Windows app, which means that users will be able to experience a nearly identical app whether they use a Windows 10 phone or PC.
For those unfamiliar, On Call is an app that allows users to connect to their Volvo vehicle to check various information such as fuel levels and locks, lock or unlock the car doors, and even remotely turn on the air conditioning or heating before entering the vehicle. These features only work on vehicles from 2012 or later that is equipped with a Volva Call Telematics unit, and some features do not work with all models.
Users can download the updated app for free for Windows phones and PC from the link below. What do you think about the updated app? Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.

Volvo On Call
Volvo On Call
Price: Free